[BS-GLB EVENT] Team Hardcore with the GMs

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

The GMs will be busy learning the new Team Hardcore mode, so what could make a better learning experience than duking it out with them?!


 4-30 Jul, Fridays, 2100 CEST


At the above timing, the GMs will host a TH match in the game lobby and announce its location via lobby announcement.

● Join the room and do battle!

● Depending on if you were the MVP, top scorer on the losing team, on the winning team, or losing team, you will be rewarded accordingly. 

● Rejoining it's not allowed and you can only participate 1 time per day.

● Behavior that violates our abuse policy is grounds to disqualify you from this event.


● MVP: AS50 Hydra 7D or SAR21 Assassin 7d (Alternates each week)

● Top Fragger of losing team: M4-G 3D

● Winning Team: RFB Tuning 3D 

● Losing Team: AK47 1D

Team BlackShot
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