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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

With the introduction of Team Hardcore Match, it's time to find out which of you can master this new mode and come out on top! 


 4 Jul - 29 Jul


 At the end of this event, we will calculate the top 100 players with the most match wins in Team Hardcore Match. The top 100 will be rewarded like so:


 1st: AWP Specter 21d, AK47 SRM Omega 21d, Glock21 Dual White 21d
 2nd: HK416 Omega 21d, Cheytac Azure 14d, Glock21 Dual White 14d
 3rd: Blazing Glory NX1 Sniper 21d, Desert Eagle Crimson 14d
 4th-10th: NX1 Cyclone 14d, NX1 Knife 7d
 11th-20th: SCAR Omega 14d, Med Kit+ 3d
 21st - 50th: FMG Tuning 7d, Med Kit+ 3d
 51st - 100th: Speed Kit+ 3d, Med Kit+ 3d


 Violating our abuse policy is grounds for disqualification from this event.

Team BlackShot
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