sergent12sergent12 Posts: 2Member Beginner
All right guys here my problem came back on the game after few years was playing having fun and one day dps start dropping from 140 to 40... unplayable 

i got ryzen 7 2700x
        rtx 2070 rog strix
        16 go ram


  • v0nndutchv0nndutch Posts: 611Member Intermediate
    Buy a new PC.
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  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 556Member Intermediate
    Hello @sergent12,

    during the last week I had the same problem.
    I usually run WarRock at 139/140 FPS.
    As said, since a week, it runs from 80 up to 115/120. 

    I asked Caronte if any last patch changed something but he said no.
    So I don't know how to solve it.
    And... v0nndutch's post is very helpful. :|
    Intel Core i5-3450 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 - 8 GB of Ram 
  • x4ntusx4ntus Posts: 23Member Beginner
    i also noticed fps drop.... its crazy that this thing happen periodically. we have such devs in this game.
  • RememberThe5thRememberThe5th Posts: 43Member Beginner
    I got a 5k dollar setup, I play 8v8 at 60FPS and with huge drops, impossible to play a decent KD. It's because this game is programmed like shit.
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  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 433Member Intermediate

    Man you make me sad. All you do here in the forum is cry.
    WarRock is an old game (2005) with an old engine which supports only 1 Core of your CPU and doesnt use the GPU.
    So if your SingleCore performance of your CPU is trash -> You will get trash FPS - No matter how many Cores ur CPU has.
    If you run programms in the background which use the same Core WarRock is using right now --> Trash FPS.

    I got an i7 6700K and all CQC Matches are constantly 140FPS. BG Maps like SiegeWar or Engrene will drop to 70-110 FPS if those 32 Player Slots filled. My Setup is an 2016 2.300€ Setup. Your 5K Setup must be pretty Trash.
  • x4ntusx4ntus Posts: 23Member Beginner
    probably AMD cpu. but it's not his fault, not even fault of his setup. just that devs didn't cared about adding multicore support in 2019 which is hilarious.
  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 433Member Intermediate
    WarRock is a 32bit Game. 32Bit only Supports 1 max 2 Cores (latest 32 bit).
    To add Multicoresupport they would have to recode the whole Engine + Game.
  • zboukiezboukie Posts: 5Member Beginner
    @DragonForceWR Did you not read that fps is dropping periodically? Don't talk out of your ass, and please understand where they're coming from. I didn't see the problem until after the Sep.4 update, I have went from consistent frames of 138FPS to 98FPS. I've cleaned my pc, CCleaner all that good stuff and still low. I don't understand that I've played this game since forever at 138FPS and now I'm at 95FPS. This game is becoming unstable, so instead of saying we're whining, help us at least. DOESN'T MAKE SENSE HOW A USER IS HELPING OUT BUT NOT THE GMs. 
  • RememberThe5thRememberThe5th Posts: 43Member Beginner
    @DragonForceWR you have no clue...
    CQC since 2007 | Level: 37 | Kills: 63'000 | K/D 2,272
  • KalevWRRKalevWRR Posts: 6Member Beginner
    After the latest update, I have massive FPS drops aswell. Overall before that update, i even played 16v16 on 140fps. they mustve done something wrong.
  • vanmelvin1vanmelvin1 Posts: 23Member Beginner
    As always. Just quit the game guys. Until they make the game actually playable atleast :D
  • vanmelvin1vanmelvin1 Posts: 23Member Beginner
    And funny that you say single core performance is trash because his 2700x has 4790k single core performance. Which runs wr fine at 140 fps. I have a ryzen 3700x heavily tuned that has 209 CB score, which ,means higher single core performance than your 6700k and near a 9700k stock perf.
    Still the game runs shit because optimized on intel code or just badly optimized overall.
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