how to logo clan copy from google like this

markomanimarkomani Posts: 2Member Beginner
Image result for GODZ


  • RPcupiiidzRPcupiiidz Posts: 41Member Beginner
    u cant.becoz of copyright
    if you create a clan u can pick a logo in warrock .u need to buy them..
    but if your clan win an event (custom logo)
    u can choose what u want in your clan logo.
  • HGMLoganHGMLogan Posts: 22Approved Member, WR Game Master Beginner
    Hello markomani,

    There is currently no way to get your own custom clanlogo, but there might be some events in the future where you can win it as a prize.

    There is an item for sale that allows you to change the clanlogo in-game, which let's you create your own logo using some preset designs.

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