Battle Royale

SensedaveSensedave Posts: 4Member Beginner
Seen a post on Facebook earlier relating to a battle Royale Mode
Will this save Blackshot?
Will it only be 16 players?
Will it have its own map?


  • BadDreamsGameMastersBadDreamsGameMasters Posts: 56Member, BS Game Master, Approved Member Beginner
    Hello Sensedave,

    We will share informations soon, so stay tuned...

    I wish you a good day


  • SensedaveSensedave Posts: 4Member Beginner
    Thanks BadDreams, how soon? From what I can see the community has died since we used to play, We used to have an active community, play tournaments and have custom scrim lobbies every day. But these days it doesn’t seem like it. I haven’t played in 6 years but since they announced BR it has regained my interest in the game and it’s future. We used to be one of the Top teams in Blackshot winning several tournaments. If it’s a 16 player lobby I’m not interested.

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