New Plunder Event

tpainetimtpainetim Posts: 33Member Beginner
I am genuinely confused with this new plunder event. I have r9+9 plunder and all oxfords running along with seize cargo alide and Bill r10 EX. I plundered neapolitan galleas's and la morts for 17 hours on and off and got 0 docks. My friend managed to scrape one in the first 10 minutes he tried and none since. One player has scraped up 19 dock requests and my other friends who do rare item plunder as a hobby have gotten 0. Where are we going wrong? Is this really RNG chances? I am confused as to what I was doing wrong and I don't know what to do to get these requests. 

can someone with the name starting E and ending with gabriela help please?? D:


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