Lol best player ezzen is back.

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Just came here to drop some truth bombs you killed the game from the beginning lol. How you say? No account transfers who's in hes right mind would start over 6+ years of progress Lmao. Bye.


  • NaotohNaotoh Posts: 20Member Beginner
    i cant stay away i need more juicy flash sales in my mouth OWO ITS WHAT I LIVE FOR UWUU
  • CrimsonbunnyCrimsonbunny Posts: 82Member Beginner
    There was account transfers when the game first switched .U miss it not any one prob but your own on that.
    Also as some one who just started back not long ago with a new account its crazy easy to lv now with the revamped quest exp.It was something they should have done a long time ago but at least they did it.It was well over due.

    The game is in a much better place in terms of lving as a free to play player thin it ever was. dungeon ely is diff now to with what they did disregarding lv diff.

    Also some classes have had a huge overhall skill wise and more to come.

    One thing is the game is 100% better now  and its sad to see no real over lineing post sticky on the forms going over this info.I think a lot would come back to the game if they did .
    The forms has a lot of neg things but very few cover all the upsides that have been added to make the game better.

    U no longer have to be pay to win to really lv unlike before when 200+ was needing 1000k exp pots and other pots every day just to lv the quest revamp did away with that sky now is more of a side way to make exp.

  • loveyoudtloveyoudt Posts: 30Member Beginner
    @Crimsonbunny  I didn't miss shiz Lmao if you caLL THAT GARBAGE transfer getting new title and some items your crazy than lmao.
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    I stole your ign when the game went live and deleted the character right away for the reason below, with much love - 8Jimage
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