[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Battle Royale Improvements

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 751BS ServerHead Intermediate
Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Battle Royale mode is finally available in BlackShot and we would really appreciate if you could all share your improvement suggestions for this mode on this topic.

As always, your feedback it's extremely important and the best way to help us to improve our product and provide you the best possible gaming experience.

Thanks in advance and wish you all a nice day!

Team BlackShot


  • leosdjvleosdjv Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Add rounds, this game mode is very fast. And remove the wins and losses counter related to this mode. It's just one winner, this will only ruin the accountant in the profile.

    I really enjoyed it, and I understood the reference to the map structure witch came from another famous fps game.
  • K3BeinK3Bein Posts: 18Approved Member Beginner
    my suggestion: remove battle royale and return to blackshot pre 2014. but hey, that has been my suggestion for 5 years now. :)
    greetings, and old player who has been playing since 2009 and stopped playing after that "great overhaul" which has been essentially "we delete all your stuff you saved up and give u nothing in return." C:
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