My items are gone...

dydy007dydy007 Posts: 9Member Beginner
hey i got Segnale lvl 195 CrazySeg is the name and some items are gone...i wanna know why....i buy that items from outher peoples....i put real money in dshop for got some grace for can buy items...and now are gone...pls help me whit my items 


  • dydy007dydy007 Posts: 9Member Beginner
    got helpyron whip +10 whit 2.5k dmg and 4.7k destro and 3x10% curse gems....MC3 seg (blood nightmer) +10 whit 10.4k hp and 4xhp gems and flag or war seg wings....that items are gone....MC3 +10 i pay 25x35% grace for hepyron whip +10 i pay 15x35% grace and for flag of war wings i pay 5x35% grace 
  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 220Approved Member Trainee
    The devs are deleting any illegally made items so this may be the cause. Send in a ticket using the support button at the top right of your screen.
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