Blackshot sea history

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Hi all to my blackshot friends and to all my very special Game Master,  I've been playing this game since 13 years old untill now 21 years old, i very love playing this game because there are no other game that make my friends and me unite in cc to play this friendly game, when i play this game before it was under garena messenger and it has blackshot gokart lol hon and others and i still stick in this game untill it under papaya play, i still play this game even my favourite cc is closed and all my friend working studying playing other games, I have spent a lot of time playing this game and spent a lot of money to this game and i never being the top of this game, i just being a underated player and no one know who i am even i get mvp all the time,  yeah i know there's a lot of other very pro player like kagura my idol chase the GM title but what can i do im just a underated player that loyal to this game, i hope when GM read this they can me as an insider because i really want to know about this game deeper not just playing and i hope i can be the part on all of you and apply me to be GM i or just a worker that involve this blackshot company thanks. Btw i can draw and sketch 
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