Fly hacker

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Fly Hacker promoting his Twitch account.imageimageimage


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    As multiple GM told "Hackers part of warrock so be quiet or u get a ban!"
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    @Druida this isn't the correct thing that they said... 
    You get banned (on forum) if you go on breaking the rules.

    reports on forum aren't allowed.
    Use the Support Desk to report them:
    (or send a PM on Discord to an HGM)
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    Hej R3 do u know no one read those reports, u get only automated respons and not even work since years

    And if GM would care it would be OK to report them here, and they can get the instant ban, but as u can see they delete pictures and PROBLEM SOLVED :)


    Do u know game mode kamikaze??? What would u say if on marin u get killed in kamikaze by a hummer, or bombartmen, or by m60, airplain, so on....
    And u report hacker to GM and he say in WR u can use wehicles with a key "f" and sugest u to do the tutorial so u will know how to do it

    Personally i was think a first 4-5 times they are just JOKING, but that was just not the case :)

    Reported on a kamikaze mode a gamer who repair a tank with no repair station or not even a tank to use, but OK i again got the lecture L2P
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    My comment was cut in half do to forum bug it collapsed :)

    "reports on forum aren't allowed." I know and i think we all know thats why i told it is a bannable to report hackers on forum, not to them but the gamer who is reporting them, they are part of the game and we need to have respect of them when they ruining our game, as a white man i totaly understand i cant say anithing cause i have no right not even to be mad at them

    And believe me in public i not even dare to speack up my mind do to i dont want to end up under ground, my country not suport it
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    These are very mean people. 
    They can ban. I have one account banned, but left the opportunity to buy WRC. 
    I do not take this opportunity. 
    I am not a fool to pay money to those who do not deserve it.

    I will try to ignore and not succumb to provocations. 
    We are waiting for a new publisher. 
    Papaya without players and without our money will not last long.
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    Mga sir ngDiamond po ako, level 29 taz walang premium? Ano po gagawin ko? 
  • HGMKimbleHGMKimble Posts: 68Member, WR Game Master Beginner
    edited September 2019
    Hi tripster45,

    You may need to read and review this link.

    IT Says:

    If you were level 48-120, you are eligible to receive EXP and a compensation package (see below). If you were between level 70-120, you can pick between different compensation packages.
    If you were level 13-47, you are eligible to receive a compensation package (see below). (NO EXP MENTIONED)

    Level 13-28​
    K2_Veteran - Permanent
    MPX_Digital - 30 days
    Dinar 100,000 - 1x
    CHG_NICK - 1x

    Level 29-47
    M249_Veteran - Permanent​K2_Veteran - Permanent
    SLOT_5TH - 30 days
    Premium_Gold - 3 days
    SUPERMASTER - 3 days
    EXP_30UP_SET - 3 days
    EXP_20UP_SET - 3 days
    Dinar 100,000 - 1x
    CHG_NICK - 1x


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