return old school system

basmar40basmar40 Posts: 0Member Beginner
as returning player, I forget most of things about this game. And must say - with switched off tutorial it becames ABSOLUTELY UNPLAYABLE!


  • Live4uwoLive4uwo Posts: 29Member Beginner
    Agree with the statement. Old school has been much better for those who meet UWO for a very first time. It was really like a school but now looks like a fast confusing course. As old player I tried it out bcus of curiosity but gave up and use toon as a storage toon. I was organised who to meet before to do in Sarges from the bottom to top like it was before from beginner to advanced... Its not user friendly like Old School was. If its possible it should be changed to old school style. For sure many new players will come back
  • Muff94Muff94 Posts: 0Member
    i totally agree the school now is useless as us older players have to keep telling the newbies how to get to sagres as well as what to do beforehand absolutely crazy
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