BlackShot M Abuse Policy

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BlackShot M Abuse Policy
Take note of these guidelines and stay out of trouble!

Hacktools Usage
Using cheats and other illegal software to gain an unfair advantage is a big no-no and can result in a non-negotiable permanent ban of your account.

Bug Abuse
Repeatedly abusing an in-game bug in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players can result in a 15-day, 30-day, or permanent ban on your account.

We encourage you to report bugs to us via the Help & Support option in the Settings menu or Bug reports page in Papayaplay Forum

False Report
In severe cases, fraudulently and intentionally reporting innocent players in order to try and get them penalized or banned can get your account a 15-day or permanent ban.

Inappropriate Nickname
Using a nickname that is racist, vulgar, or intentionally threatening to other players and communities can result in your nickname being changed to something generic. Repeatedly using inappropriate nicknames can result in a 7-day or 15-day ban.

Racist/Threatening Insults
Using racist and/or threatening language in the chat can result in a 15-day, 30-day or permanent ban.

Promoting Hacktools
Advertising hacktools by any means in-game will result in a permanent ban.

Deceiving your fellow players in order to scam them will result in a permanent ban.

Sharing Personal Information
Sharing other people’s private information, such as their address, without their consent will result in a 30-day or permanent ban.

Spamming the chat can result in a 7, 15, or 30-day ban.

Hack Assisting
Knowingly and repeatedly playing with hackers/cheaters in order to gain an unfair advantage over the enemy team can result in a 7-day, 15-day or permanent ban.

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