BlackShot M FAQ - Battle

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1. What is Competitive?

Competitive is the primary gameplay battle mode of Blackshot M. There are various modes and maps within Competitive.When you win a Competitive match, EXP and a Box. You can open a Box to get Cards, Gold or Gems. You will also get Score Points to open a Score Box.

2. What is Unranked?

Unranked is a second match type in Blackshot M that allows player to create a room to play with other players or invite friends and clan members.It contains various unique modes and maps. As the name suggests, Unranked matches do not count towards your overall ranking.You don’t get score or a box when you win in Unranked, but you will still get EXP and Score Points that can open Score Boxes.

3. What is Custom game?

You can create a room to play games with your friends.
You don’t get score or a box when you win a Custom game, but you will still get EXP and Score Points to open Score Boxes.

4. What is Control mode?

There is a Capture point in the map. To capture it, you must stand inside it and allow the capture gauge to fill. When the gauge reaches 100%, your team wins.

5. What is TDM mode?

Kill enemies to increase your team’s score. When the maximum score is reached, your team wins.

6. What is Sniper mode?

Every player has the same sniper rifle. Players can use gears. The other game rules are the same as TDM mode.

7. What is URF mode?

It’s basically Team Deathmatch, but with faster movement, rate of fire, and reloading.

8. What is TFM mode?

In this mode, you must capture the enemy flag or kill enemies to score points and win.

9. How are tiers calculated?

The amount of tiers won or lost is based on the difference between your team’s and the enemy team's average tiers. Generally, if you defeat a player who are higher tiers than you, you will be rewarded with more score. Conversely, losing against an enemy with lower tiers makes you lose more.

10. How can I advance to the next Tier?

The only way to climb to higher Tiers is by winning the Competitive. Persistence will be rewarded with bigger and better rewards overall.
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