BlackShot M FAQ - Cards

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1. What is a Deck?
A Deck is a selection of 4 cards used in a match.You can choose 1 Character card, 1 Weapon card and 2 Gear cards to form your Deck.

2. What types of cards are in the game?
There are three types: Character, Weapon,Gear and Skins.
A Character Card is the soldier you will play in battle.
A Weapon Card is your primary weapon. Weapon types include SMG, Shotgun, Rifle and Sniper rifle.
A Gear card is a tactical device that has a variety of effects.

3. What types of card grades are there?
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Higher grade cards are stronger, but they are harder to get than lower grade cards.

4. What are the Skins?
You can purchase a Skin in your Skin selection to change your character’s appearance.

5. What are the Specialist Skills?
Every character has a unique and powerful Specialist Skill that can radically alter the course of battle by granting powerful buffs to your team or deal tremendous damage to the enemy.
Once activated, they require a cooldown time before they can be used again, but performing exceptionally in combat can speed up the cooldown time.

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