BlackShot M FAQ - Social

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1. Clan Creation and Join
You must be at least at Player Level 1 to join or create a clan. Once you are at Player Level 1, go to Social and create your own clan with 1000 Gold or Search for an existing clan to join.

2. How are Clan Points calculated?
Clan Points are the sum of tiers of all clan members calculated by weight:
Clan Rank 1 - 10 = 50%Clan Rank 11 - 20 = 25%Clan Rank 21 - 30 = 12%Clan Rank 31 - 40 = 10%Clan Rank 41 - 50 = 3%This means that the first 10 members' tiers are the most important factor in deciding overall clan score.
A clan consisting of very strong players and weak players in the lower ranks can still have a high score.

3. What do I get by donating cards to a clan-mate?
Donating cards to clan members helps your friends and rewards you.
You will receive Gold and XP after donating cards to Clan members. You will get 10 XP and 5 Gold for each Common card that you donate, 100 XP and 50 Gold for each Rare card.

4. If I donate my last card will I lose it forever?
No. Unlocking a card means you’ll have it forever, so feel free to donate that final card.
Your balance of card copies can reach zero, but it won’t remove that card from your collection.

5. Card Request / Donation
Clan Members can request Common or Rare cards once every 7 hours.
Cards received depend on your Tier and card class.

6. Play with Clan Members
You can make a group with your clan members in Group menu to play with them as one team.

7. Friend
You can send or accept Friend Requests to other players.
You can make a group with your friends in Group menu to play with them as one team.
You can 1:1 chat with your friends.

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