BlackShot M FAQ - Event

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1. Attendance Check
For up to 25 days, players will receive a reward each time they log into the game.
All players regardless of their level and tier are eligible for participation in the event, and receive the same rewards.

Additional Information:
1. The window to receive the next reward begins at 00:00 UTC+0.
2. The reward is available once a day to one character per account.
3. Once a player claims the 25th day’s reward, the attendance checklist will refresh back to Day 1 once the next season’s maintenance is over.
4. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
5. Players can check the Attendance rewards via pop-up screen when logging into the game.
6. Players can check their Attendance checklist by manually clicking the event button in the lobby.

2. Daily and Weekly Mission
Every day, upon first entering the game, players will be able to check for 8 daily and 4 weekly missions in the Event you should perform to earn your in-game rewards.
Daily missions will reset everyday at 00:00 UTC+0 and Weekly missions will reset every Monday at 00:00 UTC+0.
Please note that rewards will be credited directly to the player’s account after completing missions and there are chances to get the same missions that already have completed.

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