[BS-GLB EVENT] Bring It On - Competitive Battle with the GMs

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 798BS ServerHead Intermediate
edited August 2019 Event
Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

The GMs will be roaming Competitive Mode during the bellow event duration looking for a fight! They're confident they'll stomp your guts out, but in the unlikely event that you win, great rewards await!


 29 Aug - 23 Sep, Wed and Fri, 2100HRS CET;


 MVP: Cheytac Azure+ 7d;

 Winners: Kriss Vector Azure+ 3d;

 Participants: Azure Skyripper+ 3d;


 You need to complete the match and be on the final scoreboard;

 You can only be rewarded 1 time per week (if you join more rooms you will only be rewarded once);

 Abusive behavior can and will disqualify you from this event;

Team BlackShot
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