chapter 2 part 3 /buff event

May be its just me but its mainly all white  with with only 2 pics  it seems like they didnt even bother looking over what they did on that page

The buff event why not have it start now and get added more time by the numbers of wins i find it stupid to have to wait till oct 2 for + exp.
More people could get newer chs up faster to help rather thin just a hand full of  end game players.


  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 961Member Intermediate
    ya, i'm getting alot of 'white' screens as well :/
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  • Zakari1967Zakari1967 Posts: 12Member Beginner
    How many times have you killed Leviathan so far ?
  • Phoenix1492Phoenix1492 Posts: 38Member Beginner
    I think the white space is browser issue - Explorer I have the same issue - chrome I don't!

    Agree the Buff event is aim squarely ay high end players, regardless of levels/experience if you don't participate you don't get any Xp/Exp/SB boost come the 2nd Oct.
    If winning is not important...then why keep score?
  • FlorianGeyerFlorianGeyer Posts: 199Member Trainee
    Must be definatly your choice of browser, however it should not be.
    I suggest Papaye whall have a look at this since I heard that before.

    @ Crimsonbunny
    About your suggestion on holding the buff event earlier... Good suggestion but even then I don't think more ppl will suddenly be able to endgame ready their alts except for maybe just another hand full of them. So for the reason you gave it wouldn't change a lot i believe... On the other hand some exp+ events are always a welcome gift. 

    Maybe it is a better idea to also have a "weaker" variant of the Leviathan so also lower lvl player could experience the fun of fighting it and a reward in proportion could then be granted. On the other hand I do understand that there must still be some sort of attraction for endgame players as well.

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  • rangerzfanrangerzfan Posts: 93Member Beginner
    Not all endgame players do battle-related activities. If it is for only players who defeat the Leviathan, then that will be too bad and it reflects poorly on PP. 
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