This may not be the right answer to the problem

gmcomggmcomg Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
I don't know exactly how Dekaron is doing right now in terms of profit and player base, but I do know that giving a lvl 170 full geared for the players is not the right thing to do. This may hurt the current loyal player base or even discourage the new player from playing because we know free things and instant stuff or rewards are worthless in the world of a MMORPG.

My suggestion is: bring back old Dekaron as a classic server or a hardcore to lvl server with progressive content update just like Lineage 2 Classic did, but, of course, no heavy p2w garbage practices, otherwise players would walk away and the game would go downhill again.

I know nostalgia may not be the most profitable way, but if even World of Warcraft had to go for the nostalgia way to be relevant again, for an old and unique game like Dekaron should not be an exception.



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