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While my shop is mostly filled with critters, I do take on any challenge.

To Claim:
Visual Reference:
Do you require a Deadline?

350mil ELY

150mil ELY

Please read my Terms of Service:

General Information

References should be very clear and any specific requirements/details mentioned. 

will happily correct any mistakes, given that they were made on my
behalf (e.g. I misread a description), I do try to read/look as closely
as possible but I might make a mistake. However, if the mistake is as a
result of insufficient information (e.g. unclear references, the element
is not mentioned prior to me accepting the commission), you cannot
force me to correct it. There will be some leniency with whether or not I
choose to correct something depending on how clear/unclear it was
described and the size of the error. However, under no circumstances
will I redraw a commission.

regards to artistic freedom, I will make stylistic choices, if these
fall under anything you have not specified before we agreed on the
commission. If you would like me to use the exact colours (literally
taking the colour picker tool to choose colours), please tell me as such
because I tend to stray slightly from exact colours so that the image
seems more harmonious. I may be willing to edit them. However I will not
redraw a whole piece because you didn't tell me exactly what you

If you
are commissioning a character that belongs to someone else. I would like
a confirmation that you have permission to do so. This is a rather
vague condition because I know that sometimes people might want to
commission surprise gift art but on the flip side, I definitely do not
approve of commissions of stolen designs. Since this is so ambiguous, if
you are commissioning a character that isn't yours, please inform me.

I will not draw in any styles that are not being offered at that moment in time whether they be mine or any other styles (e.g. other styles from specific cartoons or other artists styles.)


Do not send the payment until I have agreed to take your commission.

I will only accept payments through Paypal, I take only USD unless posted otherwise.
I will accept ELY as payment on this post, only.

payments are to be made upfront unless I have suggested and we have
both agreed otherwise. I will not start your commission or add you to
the commission list until the payment has reached my end.

reserve the right to cancel a commission if the payment has not been
made in a timely manner. I will be the judge of this since I understand
that you might have some trouble sending the payment over. However what I
usually consider as a timely manner is 36 hours, to cover any issues
resultant of time-zones and time differences.

prices are subject to change due to the complexity of the art
requested, however they will generally fall in the price ranges shown.

 Not all finished products will be posted here; but I will deliver them personally if you are on Discord. You can always join my art server:
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