skrotenskroten Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
Jump event.. its all fun and game till u need meister skills. 
Why even have those skills when we cant get them..!?

The price for 1 skill are insane! 
Droprate to get 1 skill are like zero! 

Want ppl to come back? well make som stuff more easy to get.. like SKILLS!!! 

/ Mad 


  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 222Approved Member Trainee
    I assume you weren't around in the old days when we had to grind for months/years to get to level 102 and spend weeks to get your wings and it took forever to get a piece of equipment to level 7?

    Now new players can start at level 170 and you are complaining?

    This game is soooo easy to level and get stuff now it is literally embarrassing that you feel the need to complain about getting stuff when players who were in this game during the 2moons era couldn't even dream about the high end gear that is easily available now. 

    It's an indication of how far removed this game is from what it's core value was back in the day. We used to have to work for stuff, grind as a solo or as part of a guild to get high end gear. Now you get given stuff we took months to get. 

  • skrotenskroten Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
    So plzz tel me where i can farm skills? 

    am not complaining about we get a 170 character whit +9 gear.. i think that awesome. 
    am just saying that its all about those skills cuz this is a PK / PVP game, 
    whitout thos skills.. hmm. 

    who have time this days to farm for months to get a few skills? 

    i just say it would be better to make it bit more easy to get them. or atleast buy them in d-shop
    so ppl like me who dont have that time can buy them and have some fun ingame =) 

    Why do u think so many ppl go to P-servers?? 
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