Community Tournament 21.09.19

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Hello dear Community,

You want to find out if you are up to the challenge of competing against the best of the best?

The first big community tournament, where it is not just about aim and experience, but also about teamplay. The first tournament where you and your team can show everyone what you are capable of!
So participate now to not only have the chance to be on a livestream but also to encourage more players to support more of these community created events.


When does it starts?
The tournament starts at Saturday 21.09.19 at 18:00 CEST. Please be sure to be
atleast 20 minutes ready before the tournament starts.

can i participate?

You need to comment on the following forumthread with your teamname and your 4 main players and 1 reserve player. Please make sure to sign up until Saturday 21.09.19 17:30 CEST!

there any rewards?
Yes, there will be rewards. The teamcaptain of the winning team will receive four Paysafecards valued each with 10€.

mode will be played?

The teams will play Explosive mode 4x5 wins. Every team can choose their own map to play. (Note: Every team has 10 minutes time to be ready to play. If there is 1 player missing, the team will be disqualified)

Which weapons and items are

NOT ALLOWED WEAPONS (all versions of): Famas, MPX, SCAR_H,
Tommy Gun, Vector, AW50F, M134, Dual_Scorpions, PP91_Dual, all gunsmith Weapons

will happen, if a team breaks any rule?
If a player of team A breaks a rule (for example using a not allowed weapon or item or abuses a bug),
team B will get the win of the round.

What do i
have to do to validate the score?
Please take a screenshot after every  game (also if there were any interruptions) to validate the score and
provide these screens to "tankbob" (whisper him ingame).

if someone crashes?

If you disconnect before anybody dies / significant action happens the room will be immediately remade and the rounds will carryover. However, if you crash later in the round the current round  will be played and counts. The room will then be remade.

happens if there is a draw?
The team that wins the most rounds will win the match. If there is a tie both teams will then play the same map again, 3 rounds each side. If there is a tie again, a single round each side will be the deciding factor.

Will there be
any streams?

Yes, we will start a poll right before the first matches to choose out which map will be streamed. HGMParis will then give us a helping hand and stream the most popular match.

You can find the participating teams and the Tournament Bracket here:

greetings Tankbob & Zerou

Let's make War Rock great again!

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