BH Running from fight

NellemusNellemus Posts: 131Member Trainee
When you see BH and he keep running from fight, even using feather, can I call him ...chicken.


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  • NellemusNellemus Posts: 131Member Trainee


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  • Live4uwoLive4uwo Posts: 26Member Beginner
    BH in this case is not a chicken. Emi has been just on different task/mission as of hunting
     pirates so cannot be a coward. Instead of whining here next time build/use faster ship so you can catch him/her and than make a video about hunting BH's...eventhou if you will be defeated pls load video here also.

    Stay safe and be Happy :)
  • GuartekGuartek Posts: 2Member Beginner
    This is why nobody wants to play with you.
  • KlandestineKlandestine Posts: 20Member Beginner
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -Hunter S. Thompson

  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 750Member Intermediate
    Pot calling the kettle black
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 635Member Intermediate

    I suspect you probably never had agreement with Emi to do battle.
  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 761Member Intermediate
    If BH attacks you and then flees battle that's one thing. If they're just doing other stuff and you can't catch them for shit, that's a whole different sitch, and ur the one that looks foolish in that case.
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  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 923Member Intermediate
    @WesDoobner well, more to the point that I dont' think Emi is a BH. Never see Emi on BH list and if you look at the vid the name colour is purple (agent), not blue (BH). All that aside, the biggest irony of this post is that Nelle not only port camps (outside boston) so he can duck in green zone quick when BH shows up, but also that he runs from fights himself. His 'event' threads show this as he dares BH's to try and catch and sink him lol. If he wanted a straight up fight then just post for one. A straight up fight, where if they can sink him then you get the reward.
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