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laracroft69laracroft69 Posts: 1Member Beginner
Hello my Dear Mercenary <3

Listen to us Guys!

in old blackshot, Those Ranks were fantastic in normal size, shining and suitable with country Flags with clan name and clan mark <3 and now these new blackshot ranks with pathetic size and ugly shape,

these new ranks looks like fake ranks, no Good looking shape, no shining, weird size,

in old blackshot ranks were perfect and suitable with normal size flags and clan mark and clan name in game,

and in competitive its not even showing rank ?

and what is this Brigadier General 1 ? why not only Brigadier General ?

in old blackshot we had 5 colors: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Black,

and now some players are Brigadier General 1, it means their rank's color should be white, then why this color looks like black ? totally weird shade with pathetic shape,

i know this game is totally Pay2Win and team vertigo not gonna change anymore, but seriously, Scope and Silencer for Gems ? do you really want to destroy your game with more Pay2Win ? you want remaining players to leave blackshot and join other FPS games?

Gold for Gems ? LMFAO,

At least give some damage in Gold weapons so we can give some tough task to these Pay2Win nonames Pros,

i dont need your Gems weapons to show my skills, me and my protest team can kill these gems pros with normal Gold weapons, if you give some damage in this CG805 Bren Rifle, we can make these Pay2Win players cry ^^

and Where is Clan War ? Clan vs Clan? Clan Statistics: Win/Lose/Draw? please start from there where these clans were with their win/lose/draw records,

Where is Partnership ?

how difficult is for normal weapon players to win this game without Pay2Win,

we know team blackshot is making this game pay2win, we have no issue,
at least bring some weapons in Gold, and also we want clan name with mark when we are in game, it should show us,

Be with us Mercenaries,

We Want your support,

Stand with us Mercenaries <3

and Stop This Pay2Win,

''Bring Old Blackshot Global Back <3

When We Open Blackshot, it should show our Character info on Lobby!

Make these ranks in normal Shape like we had in old blackshot!

Make These Country Flags in Normal Shape like old blackshot Global!

in Game, it should show us Clan Name and Clan Mark!

Bring All Countries Flags Back: France, Italy, Swtizerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ukraine, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Malta, Monaco,Czechia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia and many more missing!

Bring Clan War System Back (Clan Statistics: Win/Lose/Draw)

Bring Partnership System Back!

Remove These NX and NZ from Shop, Every Noname is using it,

Bring weapons Mastery Back, so every player should use NZ or NX with Skills,

Bring Special Characters back: Rayne, Nina, Yuki, Isabelle, PEI,

Bring Old Travis, Old Vanesa, Old Adam, Old Cathy!

Bring Old Maps: Crack Down SD, Ariport SD, Snow TDM, Rooftop TDM,

Medkit Premium! Old Medkit Premium Cool down in 40 Seconds,

Bring Old Gears: Example: Magazine Extension BSC and BP! many more!

Bring Old Packages: Example: Dragon Package, Silver Package, Steam Package,

Bring Legendary Weapons: AWP Candy, AK Snow, AK Dragon, AK Forest Many More missing!

Tactics Package! Tactics Package I, Tactics Package II,
For Example:-
Subzero Blood - Strengthens your focus resulting in less tremble when being shot by another player!
Advance Dominator - Improves marksmanship by reducing the recoil of your assault rifle!
Advance Scout - Improves marksmanship by reducing the recoil of your handgun!
Advance Sweeper - Improves marksmanship by reducing the recoil of your SMG!
Specialist - Increases your mastery by 15%

Thats All We Want''

better to be noname with Gold weapons than to be pro with Pay2Win without skills,

Revolution = Pay2win, Make Blackshot Great Again!

i hope you guys will get our point and stand with us ^^

Thank You, Have a nice day!

(Your Team Protest)


  • BadDreamsGameMastersBadDreamsGameMasters Posts: 56Member, BS Game Master, Approved Member Beginner
    Hi laracroft69,

    Thank you for sharing your improvement suggestions with us. Your suggestions have been taken into consideration and we will forward them to the management of the game to aware them and make the decisions that go with it.

    Players's suggestions are important and we will do our best to implement them.

    Once again thank you and wish you a nice day!

  • bitdecay1bitdecay1 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I miss old days.
  • alicia236alicia236 Posts: 36Member Beginner
    Sinto falta do blackshot antigo.
    Lutando por um blackshot justo e limpo.
    beginning: dezembro/2008
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