Blackshot Frame Drops

Every now and then when i move my screen around i get random severe frame drops even though my laptop has a graphics card of GTX 1050Ti. Please give me a fix for it. Thanks.


  • BadDreamsGameMastersBadDreamsGameMasters Posts: 56Member, BS Game Master, Approved Member Beginner
    Hello LordDuckWorthy,

    I don't think that the problem come from BlackShot because it's pretty to run this game. I recommend you to "wash" your computer with a software like "Ccleaner" and close all the running tasks when you are playing Blackshot.

    Do you have a "gaming mode setting" on your computer? If yes turn it on and it will be much better i think!

    If you still can't find a solution tell me again and i will give you some others solutions.

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