GET BANNED FOR 694443 Days Reason Promoting HackTools???

yewkeshen2000yewkeshen2000 Posts: 0Member Beginner
Hello GM come on la . i really dont wanna be rude . seriously fk this game man. i get banned [FirstTime] 10 days for trasktalk its okay i apologise . then i played normally with respect and follow the rules. one day im the highest score with kills. they said i hack. so i joke im using hack. and then after few days i get banned for 694443 Days? whrs the proof im hacking? you can see my kdr or whatever check system. btw i quit blackshot. its a dead game. fk this game and fk u gm. 
not fair at all. this game really fked up. #MissTheOldBLACKSHOTGARENA IGN - HamKarChan24 from Ampritrite Clan. goodbye all .


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