[Open] ✿ milk's Art Shop ✿

milkiimilkii Posts: 0Member Beginner
~ Hello friends! ~
I'm Milk! nice to meet you!
I am still fairly new to Latale, and trying my best to learn and become decent at the game! I really hope to make some awesome friends along the way~ 

Anyway, I was hoping to fund my character a little better by opening an art shop, since I am dirt poor ;w; haha.

This art shop will only draw colored headshots, of your Latale character or your customized request! 

I drew my own Latale character, and my friend's character as an example:

if you see me (UU), say hi!


~ Pricing ~

400m ELY / 910 LTC / $10 USD / items of similar value
I understand it might be slightly high for some players, my apologies! 

Leave a post if you're interested! and please provide me a reference photo of your character ~ 
I will message you personally if I accept the request!

This will be a short term shop. Thanks a lot for looking!
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