[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Operation Hunted Specter Update

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Operation Hunted Specter is now is now live! n this update, Weapon Masteries will return, along with seasonal Halloween weapons and outfits, new Brazilian BOPE Special Police weapons, Halloween-themed maps, and new Competitive season! 

Check all the features of the new update here:

- Operation Hunted Specter Update Page

As usual, we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the links above, play a lot  to test all the new features and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • bekafibekafi Posts: 8Member Beginner
    It´s a shame. Can´t put it in a different way. I was always trying to see the positives in all the updates since the Revolution, I was happy about the return of the ranks, some cool new game modes like THM (which is not as bad as I though at first sight) and other good stuff that you brought in or back. I was happy to hear about Mastery coming back, expecting it to be at least a little bit like before. Well, turns out I was completely wrong this time. We haven´t got our old mastery ranks back (and no it would not have been unfair, we played thousands of hours for it before the revolution took it away without any compensation!!! It´s not like we get something for free!). And as far as I can see, the rewards are not getting something new availible in shop for Gold but just some time of a gem item/weapon. Mastery was THE ONE thing that made it possible to play without all the cash weapons and still beeing able to compete with other players which is hardly possible at the moment, and got worse with this very update introducing a bunch of new weapons but basically none of them for Gold.
    I had high hopes when I first read about the revolution even though I knew I would loose my rank and my mastery because we were promised a more skill-based game. May I quote from the Blackshot revolution site: "Featuring rebalanced weapons, a fresh new look, entirely cosmetic unique in-game purchases, and much more,
    Revolution emphasizes play-to-win, rather than pay-to-win" (https://blackshot.papayaplay.com/bsglb.do?tp=revolution). 14 months later we know better, the opposite happened. It was a lie, from the beginning, and more and more players are realizing it. I suggest: fix this as long as you still have a small but loyal player base. Or try to earn as much money as you can get and see the game go down. Good luck, bekafi over and out.
  • MPVshotMPVshot Posts: 71Approved Member Beginner
    Pretty disgusting how the players who have supported the game the most have been treated the worst, the idea that it is "unfair" for a person who has invested years and sometimes hundreds of euros into the game to have their mastery returned back is just wrong.
    Could you imagine going to a 100m race vs bolt and saying "yo bro I know you spent all your life training but we can't let you keep that progress we took away all your medals" is a joke, what you fail to understand is if you gave people the rank they worked hard to get back you would have an influx of players coming back into the game AND more opportunity to get them to spend money.
    Look at the numbers on the server it is DEAD and you still continue to treat potential customers who are waiting for a reason to play like trash?
    Now lets get one thing straight to say that you designed this mastery system from scratch is laughable I will happily listen to someone explaining to me how this system is completely new it is not it has the EXACT same ranks the exact same ways to improve ranks and from what I can see very similar EXP gains and lvl up rewards. how did you decide to "compensate" these players...by giving them a TWENTY PERCENT mastery boost each week for THREE DAYS that's right you are giving us 12 days of a 20% boost in the next month if we log in every Friday....disgusting.
    Honestly after the fact that you basically took away our cash shop items and didn't give us them back I thought it could not get worse....I was wrong just look at the global server and get a person with some SENSE to understand how you have killed your own game.
  • letter_espletter_esp Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    такими трюками вы теряете уважение честных игроков. Почему вы так издеваетесь над нами, я не понимаю? Вы действительно несете ответственность перед теми, кто участвует в игре с самого начала? У меня действительно больше нет сравнений, только бессильная ярость. Ты опустил нас лицом в грязь. Спасибо разработчикам!
  • letter_espletter_esp Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    by such tricks you lose the respect of honest players. Why are you mocking us so much, I don’t understand? Do you really have a drop of responsibility to those who are in the game from the very beginning? I really no longer have comparisons, just impotent rage. You dipped us face in the mud. Thanks, developers!
  • GraksmxxtGraksmxxt Posts: 10Approved Member Beginner
    That was just the last trash update in one row with many other trash updates The reasons u can see in the other comments. Just got 4* and 3 weapon gandmaster ranks for nothing and recieve 12 days of +20%, wow....

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