Blackshot Mastery

hameemhameem Posts: 2Member Beginner
edited December 2019 Technical Support
I hope developers have a heart, i have been playing blackshot since 2008, and there goes my masteries to drain. 3 Grand master masteries gone : Rifle, Melee and Shotgun. 

I hope either you guys remove the mastery or give old player the mastery back 


  • FAIZYAACOBFAIZYAACOB Posts: 1Member Beginner
    installing this game back so that i can feel my uzi g. but just now i checked my mastery is gone. sad. resetting old players rank and mastery for what ? attract new players ? blackshot is alive bcs of old players. at least playone asia did save our rank and mastery but they fucked up the pay to win play. but now new dev did it worse lol. hall of fame my ass no one will see it anyway.
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