Casting Two-Handed Swords - Not a Specialty of the British Isles?

JTViperJTViper Posts: 0Member Beginner
Muskets? Yup!
Whiskey? Sure!
Dutch Calico? Absolutely!
Flannel? You betcha!


Two-Handed Swords? How dare you?!

Why is it that Two-Handed Swords, when obtained through production, are not considered a specialty good while other produced trade goods are acknowledged as regional specialties for the purpose of profit and trade frame?

It's not as though the book required to produce them is particularly easy to obtain; it takes ~500,000 invested into Groningen or Barcelona, or making a trip to Jaffa with a specific title from certain quests.

Could someone tell me why this is? Are there any plans to correct this oversight?
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