Thanks for fulfilled some of my suggestions. I have new/old suggestions

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1. Register other company's colony via Administration->Company Entry->Register or Join.

Because we have world wide time zones that made difficult for me to find players to register their colony.

2. Allow company leader/directors to set up trade goods (8 trade goods and 2 specialties) as long as they meet requirements to unlock trade goods. 100% same type trade goods especially crafts are impossible to achieve because there are way off too many trade goods. GM Benya already informed me that Koei said it's too difficult to redo colony and Nanban ,so my suggestion should able to solve problem for colony.

3. Company Mails/Recruitment

Needs to raise 30 letters for title and 150 letters for comments because I got tired to write bunch of mails because of limit words.


1. We need to create new uwc item for ship type ie cargo, high speed cargo, etc because that ruined couple of my ships while I tried to get high speed battle/cargo @G6. I probably won't get high speed battle @ G7 either because I will need to get back to battle from expedition then go to high speed battle by fusing adv ship at last. Since it's probably rare, price should be similar to Grade Reset or something like that.

2. If possible, I'd like to see sort of AI program that allow to control my 2 toons that'd be useful in battle and dungeon. both are too hard for me to play lol. 

3. Create mini games ie Sugoroku, Great Escape (Merchant/BH vs. Pirate), or whatever games you can create so that players won't get bored after they play UWO too long.

4. Bring Land Battle tournament back.

That's all I can think for now. Thanks


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