Remove Piracy, Pirates Suck!

tpainetimtpainetim Posts: 29Member Beginner
I believe piracy should be completely removed from the game as it sucks and stealing from people and taking their stuff is just wrong and morally repugnant. It also causes some people to get very very angry and triggering people's issues is NOT something that should be condoned in Uncharted Waters Online so therefore piracy should be completely removed and instead there should be penalties for pirating, like losing your ship if you accidentally attack a poor trader on their way to East Asia. Piracy is game ruining and also it glorifies the Galley ship types which ruins the economy because a RNG costs 100b! This is why piracy sucks, thank you for coming to my forum talk.


  • jayjay40jayjay40 Posts: 19Member Beginner
    No, piracy isn't ruining the game but actually adds more excitement to UWO. Tributes are so easily accessible now, just need to be resourcefull on how to get them and wise up, lol.

    Whats ruining the game from before till now is the forging. Like it or not, believe it or not, thats the real CULPRIT.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 909Member Intermediate
    well if you don't like pirates then you should join me bounty hunting to stop the red plague! Stop being a bad boy tim and join the side of righteousness. hehe

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    Speaking as a player who has never had a red, orange or even blue named character: Piracy is part of the game. If you don' like it, don't play. I've earned the respect of some 'rats who vowed to sink me in by outrunning and outwitting them, and earned the respect of others who have caught me because I laughed it off and took it all in stride as part of playing this great game. This game is not for unimaginative, immature, thin skinned people with entitlement issues, it s a game for emotionally mature, self secure, independent people who are free thinkers with vivid imaginations.
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    i can't believe y'all fell for tpainetim's sarcastic post....BTW the t in his name stands for TROLL.

    *hugs Tim*
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  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 909Member Intermediate
    which T? there's 2 of them xD
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