[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Operation Armed Haven

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Operation Armed Haven is GO! We have weapons and outfit updates, including the M4A1 Elite, AWP Blackest Grade, Black Inferno set, and more! Check it all out here: 

Operation Armed Haven Page (click for more info)

As usual, we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the links above, play a lot  to test all the new features and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • LordDuckWorthyLordDuckWorthy Posts: 2Member Beginner
    For feedbacks i would say :-

    => Nerf P90 Emas cause it kills anyone within 2-4 bullets (POV from the victims side) at close range or mid range regardless.

    => Make the pistol starting fire timing faster when switched from the sniper to pistol so the hitmarkers can be atleast countered since its almost a guaranteed death when you hitmarker against a rifle or shotgun.

    => Make weapons like snow ball limited or limit it to public only as everyone loves spamming it in the competitive. So regardless how cautious or tactical you play almost always a single hit from that kills if not 2 hits.

    => Bring back Partnership.

    => Upgrade Anti Cheat engine to detect and ban temp for macro, hacks before further investigation or actions are taken.

    Will add or edit this when i get more ideas of how to fix the game.

    Thank you,

  • LordDuckWorthyLordDuckWorthy Posts: 2Member Beginner
    => Bring back the old rank up reward system as the new system doesn't give proper rewards.

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