[BS-GLB EVENT] Last Team Standing

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

In this special GM Event, you get to team up with a GM and go through a gauntlet of opposing teams, battling until you’re either the Last Team Standing, or a pile of dead bodies! 

Event Mechanics:

- From 21 Nov to 16 Dec, every Friday at 21:00 CET the GM Team will host multiple event rooms on the World Servers;

Room number and password will be announced and you need to try to join once it's opened;

Each team will have one GM Captain. Choose your GM Captain and defeat the opposing force;

The winning team will continue playing and the defeated team will be replaced by a new team with a new GM Captain;

Every victory grants a reward to the team, and the Last Team Standing at the end of the event will receive a very special reward;

✪ Event Rules:

Rejoining is not allowed and you need to be on the final scoreboard;

You can only participate 1 time per day (if you join more rooms you will not be rewarded);

Abusive behavior will disqualify you from this event;

 Event Rewards:

Participants: Famas+ 1 day

Victory: AK47+ 3 days

Last Team Standing: MSR Cryophoenix+ 3 days

NOTE: Victory rewards are cumulative.

Team BlackShot
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