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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

This is your weapon. There are many like it, but this one is yours! 
In BlackShot, your weapon is your friend. It is your only friend. Without you, it is useless. Without it, you are useless! So show us your weapon so we can see what friendship looks like! 


- Every Tuesday, 21 Nov-16 Dec

✪ Details

- Every Tuesday, we will post the Show Us Your Loadout event on the BlackShot Facebook page;

- REACT to the post with your favorite weapon type;
- COMMENT on the post with a screenshot of your character holding your favorite weapon, your IGN, and ashort explanation on why it is your favorite weapon;

- At the end of the event, we will choose 3 winners from each weapon category to win the rewards below;

✪ Rewards

Rifle: Heart React
- 1st: NX1 Vengeance+ 7d

- 2nd: AK47 Blazing Glory+ 3d
- 3rd: AK47-G+ 3d

Sniper: Haha React
- 1st: NX1 Deathbringer+ 7d

- 2nd: AWP VTG Blaze+ 3d

- 3rd : AWP-G+ 3d

Shotgun: Wow React
- 1st: NX1 Judgement+ 7d

- 2nd: Z1A1-G+ 3d

- 3rd: Z1A1+ 3d

Melee: Like React

- 1st: Blazing Glory NX1 Melee+ 7d

- 2nd : Golden Knife+ 3d

- 3rd: NZ1 Knife+ 3d

Team BlackShot
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