Limit the amount of times you can exit rooms

alipainoinenalipainoinen Posts: 7Member Beginner
This is by no means a new problem but it has become increasingly damaging to the game now that there is barely any players left. It is hard to find any rooms and when you do, people just exit when they notice they are on the weaker side. Or even better they rejoin on the stronger side. And when all the high level kd saving players leave the room new low levels take their place further increasing the unbalance in the teams. 

So how about limiting the amount of times you can leave games to maby 5 times a day? I know this will probably be bypassed by just closing and reopening the game but at least this will inconvenience the players enough that they will think twice before exiting the game. Ohhh and I haven't seen any hackers in a while so i don't see why players should keep on hopping in and out of rooms so frequently.
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