Exposed Lag Advantage to EU Players

zboukiezboukie Posts: 6Member Beginner The link is to a video exposing the disadvantage Western players have going against EU players due to the server being located to the EU. I will be uploading other clips showing the disadvantage the west has. At the ramps I was killed even though I had cover and was not at the line of sight for me to shoot back. Which isn't fair. 


  • DruidaDruida Posts: 376Member Trainee
    It called tapping dude :)

    Turk germans do all the time, but for the rest of EU players it is a same as for u
  • calvin23calvin23 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hi Staff/GM,

    I would like to report this user (Sinsgard) and clan (Unttended and Warrockpley ) are using cheat during the game. Kindly check this because many users are affected. Please see attached link to see the video.

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