Something New For BlackShot Global Soldiers

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Hello I'm a new player in this game, I found this game #YOTUBE Very interesting and I have downloaded it When I started playing I didn't like the first two hands :D  But then it was very interesting and I tried to play it well I've played it before #CombatArmsEU I have been playing for 6-7 years I was also a forum admin I was controlling the board But then I didn't play anymore for a small reason 2 years later I found this game #BlackShotGLOBAL I would like to say two words about this game It has very good graphics Has very good maps and fashions There is a category of people who are good and there is a category of not so good But not all can be good. 

I would like to offer you something that you are probably interested in and may even be helpful I have such suggestions and ideas It would be great to add.

1) Change the name of the color
2) Change the color of the clan

In my opinion it will be very beautiful Add more beauty to the game The more players will be hurt in the game And many players will join us which will be great for us and for you

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