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I get it is a difficult idea to you guys that already think "oh another thing that will make that game more PAY2WIN" @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Change 7 slot too, 
Easiest and first one AMMO BOX (u know 2,3 or 4 guns get reloaded faster / actually used only to exp in engineer, bad and not so useless) 

A New BOMB SHIELD, that means to add new shield hp, a 3 hp shield only .
U start with no shield, if ure lucky someone of ur Team can use it also for you 
I'd also say that 3 hp armor should be enough to not comprimise the game so much, its just like the armor for the Battle royale mode. 
If community dont grow as numbers at least make them their personalities and Team Up do 

Im not here to help papaya make more MONEY,  but u know this game need something new that isnt a New color for k1 (but hey i love that new k1_sun)
And if you (community) like that idea just ask them something achievable for you. 

Health points are the most important in game, u know u can still Kill with out stamina...xd 

Last but not least, get that there were 2 ideas and ofc am clearly not saying to Open up 7slot for every other 6th slot like that Boring flashes and mines.

So, in the end:
-Open up 7 slot for ammo box (not saying to put them available for 6th slot on every class cus there's something important, just saying ammo box, ad not mines wont ruin the game
-New SHIELD to be used in game (easiest way to put give more shoots to hp kit? Nah cus u will only use for u, that one can be used whenever u want, i mean of u have u can decide to give to the Team in the beginning of round but also to use them when needed)
I m saying that as cqc player that see an opportunity with this game in room bigger then 8 players, cus is not funny always joining that rusty nails16 people room where thegranades always fuck ur game and ur possibilities to recover hp are with hp kit (max 6hp) and adrenaline  (2/4,5hp) 

@@@@@@@@nd then when ever there s another new op gun u're going to buy it, and u can say that is fucking pay2win mode but be clear about it, FAMAS's the best weapon and as u can see the only time was changed when given 5 extra bullets,we all have famas but you dont always use it cus u deserve some change sometimes.

In my opion g1 sales in the end of that time were better then the nexon's f2000 and scar... dont be mad when u are going to Open your free game, with ur retails and premium and Cry to get killed by nubs or pros with op weapon, cus now i can say that there are no cheaters, no pwlvl (cus we love lvl up and u get Free bonus and payable bonus), no more overclockers; what left to be said is that there is a lot less lag only because there are less players but maybe while we paying Papaya could afford different server solutions. . . I mean ofc only if players will increase or else u can just quit if u dont wanna play versus LAGGERS (cus those LAGGERS see you in the same way u see him, es walking throuht wall) 


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    Those f**k RANKING?!
    why sushine back in time created a website out of wr propriety that worked better as a forum community and also with stats and you guys that bought the game 2 years ago cant even manage to have a good website forum ? Cus the warrock one is the most caos one where you dont even get where to read. . Post or just writing something u're sure everybody are going to read?

    Maybe u did not get that Leveling Up is so gratefull as looking throuht what u've been on to reach that.

    U see i loved to look at screen or video (youtube links cus YT pays) people post in that site and yeah maybe it was also creating some arguments or Rosik but there people could interact and get their ideas of players, by the way is up to you ban players and up to us to report them so no one can misunderstand!
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    In fact what i expect is that the post will be seen most only by papaya that with no interactions for players will think "oh that dead game community" the same though that those PAYING players think whenever play it
    I dont know, i dont know ur statistics but i guess most players are not new players
    And even the New one are the one used to play back in time and lost their account.........

    Anyway when u're going to think about warrock future i hope u wont leave it , hope u'll rejoin ur management of that game cus bunnyhop do not exist anywhere else hahaha
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    So funny speaking and posting by myself :D

    I dont always gaming and also no time for it but anyway if i buy 2 premiums at year and some skin as only 1 player im giving you a lot of MONEY
    And the funniest thing is that u re running out of ideas, i saw a post where u asked what packages se would like to see in the shop..

    As an old player i wont give u 20 € for a useless package with 90days trash weapon that will end in time and a Premium

    I got u used to let us buy less retail and it still something but because we still play and pay u should remove this GOLD PREMIUM cus okay that if always play im going to give u money for it because wtf who want to play with out 5sloth or 6sloth features but once the player have bought it he needs to buy with € powerfull weapons

    So back in time u could buy bronze/silver/gold Premium (exp bonus given was what changed beetwen them and ofc thePRICE of it) and with that Premium u could buy famas
    Same time u could get retail that used to cost more then now

    I mean it is okay that if you want everything you can pay for them, but now there arent good things to be bought

    Cus i think limiting people creating room with out Premium is toxier then not letting them use 5sloth or buy thing for the 6sloth

    It feel that game is like that cus the making of money
    Fuck i used to buy 5 slot and famas with DINAR guys, once i had at least the 5 € Premium (it was even less then 5€ but they were in dollars so)

    Nowdays i want only to pay for thing that make me level up faster, permanent weapons (if interesting) and skin

    THE ONLY THING LEFT TO BE SAID IS THAT PAPAYA AT LEAST ISNOT STEALING MONEY WITH RANDOM BOXES what nexon used to do, and is was so sad cus main were Kids just like me or ur friend, saying that because it was just like giving money to slot machine that it is even ILLEGAL under 18 y/o
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    Fortnait / warrock
    What's the difference?
    Buying with money things that doesnt influence the game thinking only to the battle royale cus u take guns from chest.
    But when it comes to weapon skin?
    I mean It feel the same "non influecing game things" but still paying Real money
    Oh should not say that warrock famas'gold is ACCURATE then black/normal one
    Anyway i dont care about my k1 Pink if is less accurate then gold one cus i trust my aim and the damage thats the same okay .

    We can play fortnait with out being subscibed to play4/xbox1PLUS
    Why do i have to pay warrock to create premium room or use 5sloth (the Real second weapon, cus 2slot desined to be lighter cus is for every class)
    There are 3hundred more things where u can get money income, dont letting players have the basic Premium features is basically an auto-goal


    Not play4plus and skins what made that game giant, oh and also cartoon graphics
    Wont talk about low graphic that warrock has cus in the end new maps and skin basically have been graphically upgraded and also guns and some low things on maps but when ever someone new look at warrock it feel like a retro game, smthing like cod1 but as i said before the movement mechanism is what make that game what it is, also saying that we're basically allowed to get though some map's bug ... khali is the perfect example of a Map where helpfull glitches/BUGs have been corrected but the fuck how much time it took (Getting up airplane with Bunny hop - not bannable :D)
    Warrock is beautiful cus the possibilities are kinda endeless
    Airplane are so difficult to be used but papaya made lovely user guide
    Also have zombie mode, u think okay so. So? One of the only game u can actually being zombie and play versus soldiers
    Its a non game age cus community is over flowed with different age people, it s 13 years old game and is has a Battle royale mode but if i join the game and the room stay 0 people wont enjoy

    I cant run your business but if u remove "Premium" 1 month testing im sure u cant fucking lose players, and money income are just bout people playing so...

    2+2= papaya?

    Thx im bored, Just like when there are 20 rooms in game (and 35 probably the record)
    Did you know warrock on sundays in 2013 had +200 rooms? (MAYBE MORE LAGGY, FULL OF CHEATERS BUT THE MONEY INCOME AND THE FUN I HAD)

    Papaya 2×2= ?
    2^2 papaya?


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    Just make the free to play more Free to play

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