Looking for a party after 200

minatokunxminatokunx Posts: 0Member Beginner
Hello. I know the forums are dead (or at least, appear to be), but I hope someone sees this. I came back recently and finally hit 200. However, I noticed it's difficult finding a party or someone who can help me do the content required to upgrade my gear. I hate to admit but my guild isn't particularly useful in this situation either and I'm not comfortable asking more than twice.

 Is there a better place to look? I'm just trying to get Origin gear and a Lab weapon.


  • botika25botika25 Posts: 9Member Beginner
    Hi there, well the best option is to start a party in party index and wait for a few people to join. I also found that's it's WAY easier(also cheaper since you don't have to pay hard cash for exp pots) to quest above 200, this is viable until like 215 when zone quests are starting to disappear, meaning that instead of 12-15 quests/ zone you get 3 and the rest are for the dungeon on the map which is impossible to do alone. For dungeons you can also start a party index, I've met a few great people who took their time to help me do hard dungeons(for me at least) for quests. About gear, I haven't asked for a Lab run so far(even thou there are like 12-15 quests for it ^^) but I bought a weapon and my whole set from the AH, there are plenty of ppl running high dungeons, me personally I don't have that much ely so I had to wait a few days for ppl to post items with reasonable prices, like instead of 50m/piece which will fail anyway after the 1st enchant(#scraptheenchantingsystem) I found pieces for 2-6m.
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