Look how they massacred my boy... D:

NeoriftNeorift Posts: 0Member Beginner
I logged on earlier to find out that there were only about 15 players on. What happened? I'll tell you what happened. 

Y'all made it way too easy to level, so there's no sense of accomplishment. Restart the server and make it like the old days of La Tale where getting level 80 was difficult, and gear was difficult to obtain. Where there was actually an economy and you had to work hard mining and stuff to get the money you needed to buy a damn white wolf spear!


  • iiacekuniiacekun Posts: 4Member Beginner
    all 2d anime based mmorpgs have taken this route. in maplestory and elsword it takes only a week to max out your level. i agree, the entire point of these games is the grind and the current system makes the first job change a joke. it isn't only that which needs to change, everything about it is too outdated including the engine it runs on and nobody really cares what's going on in the game. i'm pretty sure there aren't any GMs stopping people from gold-buying. it needs a UI change and a revamp on almost the entire game. it had mighty potential in 2008 though.
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