[BS-GLB Event] Tasks of the Rat

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

The year of the rat requires that you be a relentless opportunist who will do whatever it takes to achieve amazing rewards! Step up to the challenge right here; you have ONE WEEK!

✪ Duration

23 Jan - 30 Jan (1 Week)

✪ Details

During the above event period, you are tasked with the following objectives:

Objective 1: Accumulate a total of 18 hours of playtime during the event period.

Objective 2: Spend at least 888 Gems during the event period.
Objective 3: Achieve both Objectives 1 and 2.
BONUS Objective: Be one of top 10 players with most flags captured in TFM (must achieve a minimum of 88)

✪ Rewards

Objective 1: Kriss Vector Azure+ (7 Days)

Objective 2: Cheytac Azure+ (7 Days)

Objective 3: P90 Emas+ (7 Days)

Objective 4: Ratatat Lunarblaze (7 Days)

Team BlackShot
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