New GM, Forum and Wiki Cleanup

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Hello Dekaronians, this is Bonovoxx, your new Game Operations Associate (GM) for Dekaron Global. Some of you have already heard from me in Discord, or read some of my news posts.

Now that another member has been added to the team, we are intent on adding more content to our official site wiki, and catching up on the rather large backlog of forum moderation issues and tickets. We appreciate how patient you've been (and some of you have had to be VERY patient), but we're steadily catching up, and won't stop until everyone's feedback and concerns are addressed.

A lot of what we're adding to the site is going to be basic information (beginner guides, basic class info) which I would imagine the majority of you are already familiar with. But more content on the official site means more search engine hits, meaning more visitors, meaning more players. Which works out for everyone.

But we'll also be adding pointers to the newest and most active content, so more players know where the action is, rather than wandering around the gigantic world of Trieste and wondering why it's so empty.

As for me, I'm still getting up to speed on what has turned out to be a surprisingly deep and complex game, but I'm getting there with the help of some very friendly and qualified fellow GM's. I also see a passionate player community (I can tell how important this game is to you from reading some of your tickets), whom I am looking forward to working with. I hope I can earn everyone's respect, as much as Dekaron has.

Thankfully I am not coming in completely blind - I hung up my staff last year after more than ten years of World of Warcraft, which was what replaced my four-year stint in EverQuest, which was what pulled me away from the months I spent in RuneScape. We're going back a LONG way - that "OldSchool" RuneScape that people are on about? That's way after my time. They didn't even have 3D models when I played.

We're all hard at work behind the scenes here. Thanks again to all of our players for sticking with us, while we were getting our house in order! And thanks to my fellow GM's and our player volunteers who continue to hold everything together. See you in Trieste!
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