Audio suddenly stopped working on two different systems

zerocookiezerocookie Posts: 0Member Beginner
Hi all,

Hoping to get some input on this issue as it's driving me nuts.

Last week I was playing Deka on my main rig and suddenly the audio stopped mid dungeon. Had game sounds on and they just went completely dead. Assume it was my headset so tabbed out into youtube and it worked fine. Exited the game and restarted. Still no audio. Windows volume slider is at the normal position but I put it to max anyway to test. Green bar jumps up and down as though it's working but of course, silence. Went to steam and launched a few other games, all normal. Uninstalled and reinstalled Deka, still no audio. Uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers... you get the idea.

Well this was driving me crazy but I though nevermind, I'll just play Deka on my laptop as I would normally anyway. Logged in on laptop a couple of days later and THE SAME THING HAS HAPPENED.

I'm fresh out of ideas. Any help appreciated.

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