Game won't get past char selection screen

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Please help! I felt so frustrated and sad while dealing with this problem and I can't seem to find a solution. I'm an old player(since s1) and I wanted to play again after years, so I downloaded the game, created a new acc(old one was wiped sadly) and was so excited to play again, I mean even just the loading ost is nostalgic enough. It worked fine, the client worked great, and the loading screen didn't have any problems like getting stuck. But then, after logging in, you're supposed to be put on the char selection/creation screen right? Well, it just didn't. After clicking enter on the channel, the game just got stuck on a blank screen with only the background, this star box thing that's supposed to have text and the background music. It didn't crash and it didn't load either, just stuck at that one screen. I can move the mouse around but can't click on anything since there's nothing clickable in sight. Tried waiting to see if the menu appears but nothing. Finally, I just clicked on alt+f4 to close it. Can't even find the damn game on the task bar and the exit button doesn't work. Restarted the game, still the same. Uninstalled and re-installed the game, nooooo. Tried to install the game in a different computer, just no. Nothing can express how disappointed I felt. So I just felt like giving up on playing again. But, I seeked help on this forum to see if others have a similar problem and maybe a solution that I haven't tried yet. 

Note: One time, it did get past the char selection screen, I got to create a character and jumped into the prologue scene. I thought that it was finally fixed, but then, after finishing the intro scene, where these two characters are by this shining door(lol), it got stuck again and I had to close the game yet again. After that, back to zero. Even after being able to create a character, it got stuck at the char selection screen again with nothing clickable in sight, like I described earlier. 

For now, I just settled on listening to la tale osts on yt. I just can't get over my childhood excitement being crushed into pieces.(lol wth)
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