Black Chosen Recruiting new members! (All levels are welcome / English)

zikosaranaszikosaranas Posts: 1Member Beginner
Welcome to the Chosen!

We got av avtive, friendly, and helpfull community and searching for other active members. We will be duoing IB2 for those who wants too join or need help doing it. Any level can join it's a free for all type of guild. Inactive members will be kicked. We got a discord server, using voice chat alot. So if you have a working mic and want someone to talk with then join the discord server aswell. Please feel free to add me on discord or ingame:

Discord: Mareek#0854
Ingame: Mareekx

Rules ingame:
-Don't shit where I eat.
-Don't PK your own guildies.
-Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
-KOS bots.
PS Inactives will be kicked.
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