Report on the Support Situation - Feb 2020

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Hello players.

As most of you are aware, we here at Papaya Play have been pretty badly behind when it comes to answering tickets. "Two business days" is becoming harder to keep to. While I am not expecting anyone who has been waiting for weeks to be satisfied until their specific issue is resolved, I'd at least like to let you know that the delay is due to some unforeseen internal shake-ups, and that nothing is being ignored or dismissed. All of your tickets are still here.

We're giving priority to issues involving billing/cash items, so if you've been waiting for more than a week or so on an issue related to a cash transaction that didn't go through properly, odds are it was probably mislabeled so please let me know on this thread (ideally under the account which submitted the ticket) and I'll make sure it gets looked at ASAP. 

I'd also like to request that people who ask for updates through the Support system add it to their existing ticket, instead of creating a new one. Adding to an existing ticket pushes it to the top of the pile, instead of making the pile bigger, so I promise you that we'll see it.

Many of the tickets we've been dragging our feet on involve things like ban appeals or item restorations, and these are almost always judgement calls which need a bit of extra time to evaluate. And our available pairs of eyes which can make those calls is limited.

Again, I imagine that people with ongoing issues will want results and not words. I can only tell you that I won't be satisfied either, until our Support queue is finally empty, and we can keep to our 2 business day resolution time promise.

Thanks to the GM's who help us manage all of this, and big thanks to all of our players.
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