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Hello Dekaronians!

Those of you who have checked our official Dekaron wiki (technically not a "wiki" since only we can edit it, I didn't get an answer on why we still call it that) might have noticed some new content being added. That's all by yours truly, and includes a Beginner's Guide, and some more detailed write-ups on the character classes available.

Now, all of the information is very likely stuff that most of you figured out for yourselves years ago. But part of why this basic information is being pushed is because more content on our official site generates more Google hits, which is going to bring more players to the game. Which works out for everyone.

So what we'd like to hear is what sort of information our more experienced players would like to see on our site, what would make it useful to you to check it out, and what you think would draw more visitors. I've already gotten some suggestions (but please keep in mind that suggestions like PVP leader boards are great, they involve interacting with the game DB and will take a bit longer). 

What I'd also like is for anyone who sees any errors or misinformation in the existing content to point it out. I'm still in the midst of the Dekaron Crash Course, and I've had to do some interpretation for lack of hard information. So if anything seems wrong, it quite possibly is, and I'd appreciate it if you could point it out in this thread.

tl;dr - Suggestions and feedback for wiki content. More wiki content = more Google = more good. Thanks!
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