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Greetings, Dekaronians. 

We're always looking for player feedback, particularly on the DShop (it pays the bills, after all), so I am starting this thread as a place to collect feedback for DShop items (it's easier than scrolling back through Discord chat).

  • What would you like to see made available?
  • What do you think of what is already available?
  • How frequently do you use the shop?
  • How much do prices affect your purchase habits?
  • What would make YOU use the shop more?
  • What do you think would make OTHER people use the shop more?
  • Is the value of an item to you related to how difficult it is for other people to get?

We know that a lot of the criticisms of the DShop involves the random nature of it. It's the nature of the game and the industry in general that this random element is here to stay, but we would still like to find a balance that satisfies as many people as possible.

A common suggestion is in regards to items only available via gachas (random boxes) is that many players are willing to spend a flat price in order to get that certainty of what they will receive. Even if the cost works out to slightly more than they would have to spend on average to receive that prize. I'm not certain whether or not this is something that can be implemented on our side, but I will make the push for it if it sounds popular, and showing that a lot of players support the idea will really help make the case.

All feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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